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Spikers Volleyball Camp

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Saturdays, 9am-12pm @Castilleja School 
​​June    Passing and Serving
FUNDAMENTALS: Technique breakdown and repetition. ADVANCED: Jump serves, overhead passing, and directional serving/reception. MENTAL TRAINING: Goal-setting and deliberate practice.

June    Setting and Hitting
FUNDAMENTALS: Hand positioning, arm positioning, and repetition. ADVANCED: Quick setting/hitting, tandems, and swing hitting. MENTAL TRAINING: Rotations theory.
July    Defense and Blocking
​FUNDAMENTALS: Technique breakdown, footwork, and diving/rolling. ADVANCED: Repetitions, pancaking, and reading. MENTAL TRAINING: Imagery and relaxation.
July    Ball Control Drills and Games
FUNDAMENTALS: 1/2/3-Person ball control drills and games. ADVANCED: 1/2/3-Person ball control drills and games. MENTAL TRAINING: Performing under pressure.
July    All Skills
​FUNDAMENTALS: All skills review and repetitions. ADVANCED: All skills review and repetitions. MENTAL TRAINING: Mindsets.

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3. There is no penalty for cancellations, but for our planning purposes, we would appreciate a message if you cannot make the camp.

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